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OPPEIN, having been in this line for more than 20 years, exports kitchen cabinets to Australia for more than 10 years. In the past few years, sales there have been increasing tremendously and in 2011, Australia becomes OPPEIN ’s best selling market in the world.

As OPPEIN’s General Manager said: OPPEIN follows two “promises”—what we delivered is what we promised, and what we are promising is what we will deliver to you. This is not only refer to sales people in export department to coordinate in whole process, but also other “OPPEINER” in every department: craft department to consider the non-standard craft, purchasing department to search diverse materials for our customers to choose, workers in factory to take care of the actual craft details, etc. We work as a whole team to offer best service to our clients.

The following images are part of our projects in Australia:
Kitchen Cabinet - Australia
Kitchen Cabinet - Australia
Kitchen Cabinet - York, Melbourne, Victoria
Kitchen Cabinet - Gateway, Melbourne, Victoria
Kitchen Cabinet - Parkhill, Melbourne, Victoria
Kitchen Cabinet - Villa Green, Melbourne, Victoria
Bathroom Cabinets - Australia
Bathroom Cabinets - Australia
Bathroom Cabinets - Parkhill & Villa Green, Melbourne, Victoria

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